Allspark Highway

Help the Autobots defeat the evil forces in the Allspark Highway game! Guard the Allspark, safely deliver it to Optimus Prime, and be the hero he needs!

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Get ready for the journey of your life in the Allspark Highway game. In this Transformers adventure, you have to make sure that the characters will safely deliver the Allspark to Optimus Prime.

Even though the Autobots have successfully recovered the Allspark, the Decepticons are still trying to steal it. They have laid traps along the way, and are attempting to compromise the Transformers' mission. Your assistance is essential, and Optimus Prime has requested your expertise! Align your forces with those of the Autobots, and make sure they win the race!

Be very careful, as Megatron is always close and ready to steal the vital item. Pass the Allspark from one robot to the other, until it gets to Optimus Prime. He is the only one capable of keeping the Allspark away from the enemy's hands!

How to Play

To complete the game, you have to bypass traps and enemies that might cause damage to your character. On your way, make sure to collect as many bonus points as possible! At the end of every level, you have to pass the Allspark onto the next avatar.

The game has a total of four levels. In the first level, you have to work with Jazz. Bumblebee is your partner for the next level. He will make sure the Decepticons stay away from the precious item. The third level is controlled by Ironhide. He assures the safe arrival of the Allspark to Optimus Prine in the last part of the game.

You must follow the green arrows that dictate the direction you have to follow. Use the Up and Down arrows to move the car from side to side! Press the Right and Left arrows to change lanes! Don't miss any new entry, as any departure from the right path may result in your destruction!

If you encounter an enemy along the way, use the B key to fire your weapon while driving. To jump the occasional obstacles that hinder your journey, press Spacebar.

Tips and tricks

Make sure to follow all the instructions provided along the way! If you miss a turn on the highway, Megatron will inflict massive damage. He is always closer than you think and ready to shoot your character and defeat him. You must pay attention to the green arrows to avoid such a disaster!

Moreover, collect all the colorful triangles that appear along your way! Pay attention to the red crosses, and add them to your collection. They repair the damage your character suffered along the route. Avoid the red triangles, or else your score will be reduced! Also, run over Shields for temporary invincibility!

Another perk of this game is a secret level. It is found between the third and fourth levels and is represented by Ratchet. The bonus level can be unlocked by imputing the Robo-Vision code: Sentiment.

Also, always keep an eye on the timer! Each level has a particular timing that you must not ignore! If you run out of time or your Autobot gets too damaged, the game is over.

Join Optimus Prime's team for an exciting journey in the universe of Transformers. Help the colored robots safely deliver the Allspark to their leader, and defeat the Decepticon forces. Don't let Megatron fulfill his evil plan, and become a hero!