Primus Unleashed

The faith of the Universe is in danger in the Primus Unleashed game. Gather your strength and support Primus in this quest to save humanity!

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About Primus Unleashed Game

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The world is in danger in the Primus Unleashed game. Your favorite characters are waiting for you to enter the Universe of transformations, and help them save the Earth. Your assistance is needed to be able to guard the world against an imminent hazard. Embark on this outstanding journey, help Primus save the world, and become a hero!

A Black Hole threatens the future of the Universe. Entire extraterrestrial civilizations are in danger, including the Earth. An emergency situation has been triggered, and you must help your friends destroy the threat.

In this adventure, you will also have a trustful ally on your side! The planet Cybertron shows its true identity, namely that of Primus. This is the creator-god of Transformers, which seems to be the only solution against the Black Hole. Join him in this quest and overcome all the threats!

How to Play

Although the situation at hand is quite complicated, the gameplay is straightforward. It takes precise movements to destroy such an enormous atrocity. While Primus is slowly sucked into Unicron Singularity, he must destroy the dark matter coming out of it. Only the debris coming from this singularity will be enough to weaken the Black Hole.

Your job is to help Primus shoot at the incoming threats to avoid him getting absorbed into the Black Hole. Use the Right arrow key for the Shoulder Mounted Stellar Converter Cannons, the Up arrow key to use the Forearm Mounted Blasters, or the Down arrow key to use the Leg Mounted Missile Clusters.

Tips and Tricks

Timing is critical in this game. Hit the dark matter that is causing debris, so that it can fly back toward the black hole. Once you manage to hit the required number of obstacles in each stage, you will get to the next one. However, make sure to keep a close eye on the clock! Hit as many rocks as possible, and collect all the points.

Beware of the Black Hole’s gravitational pull, as it can absorb Primus into oblivion. Moreover, every time he gets hit by a rock, he gets pulled closer towards the hole. Be careful, and protect Primus of all danger, so that he can fulfill his role and save the Universe.

The attributions of your transforming friends were raised to colossal levels. The faith of the Universe is now in their hands, and you must protect Primus at all costs. It is only him who can save humanity and restore things to their former glory!