Bumblebee Boulder Dash

Play Transformers: Bumblebee Boulder Dash game to become a part of a blood-boiling race! Can you help Bumblebee face Starscream in a one-on-one battle?

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Lend your favorite Autobot a helping hand with the Bumblebee Boulder Dash game! Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know all about the legendary yellow Transformer! He is Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenant, and one of the bravest Autobots. Even if he may not be the most powerful robot, Bumblebee makes up for it with his loyalty and incredible luck! 

Are you ready to step inside his shoes and fight one of the most menacing Decepticons? Now you have the opportunity to face the terrifying Starscream and defeat him in a one-on-one battle! 

Channel the great power of a Transformer!

Help! Starscream has started a dangerous avalanche of boulders on the highway. Are you ready for a high-speed chase? Bumblebee has shifted into his car form. Do you know what that is? I'm talking about the '70s Chevy Camaro, of course! However, Starscream is not a car, but a terrifying plane! Can you survive the natural calamity, as well as the Decepticon's attack? There's only one way to find out!

The gameplay is incredibly simple and exciting. Use your mouse to drive on the four-lane highway. Be careful! You will need to avoid all the huge incoming boulders! Bumblebee will surely have a blast riding as a vintage Chevy in this breathtaking background. Do you care to join him?

However, don't relax too much! Every once in a while, Starscream will appear as a plane and start attacking you. Make sure you avoid all his missiles unless you want to lose precious health points. Take a glance at the top of the screen to check on how you're doing. The game ends whenever your health is depleted. This game will keep you on your toes! 

A few tricks make a big difference in your score!

As hectic as this race through a rocky dessert might first seem, you will soon find that you need to focus and pay attention to details. Collecting bonuses is the key to a high score and a successful round of the game! Whenever you see a green icon, rush towards it to receive precious extra points that will count towards your final score. 

However, there are even more essential resources in your path! Energon icons will fill up your tank. Keep an eye on the fuel level by glancing at the top of the screen! You need to collect Energon as much as you can to keep your tank full! Otherwise, the game will end for you!

How far can you go in this thrilling race? Your run is over whenever your shield or your energy bar gets depleted. Your final score is based on your in-game points, earned by collecting extras, as well as the distance you have traveled, and a fuel or shield bonus, depending on which one ran out first. Isn't that awesome? Challenge your friends to a friendly race and see who can score the most points!