Flight of the Bumblebee

The adventure has new limits in the Battle of the Matrix Game. Join the Transformers in a universe of fighting and competitions and be the supreme winner!

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About Flight of the Bumblebee Game

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Accompany your transforming friends, and help them in the wonderful adventure of the Flight of the Bumblebee game. The beloved yellow character has been trapped between the rocks in a canyon and needs your help to release him.

A group of Decepticons is blocking his exit, thus making it harder for Bumblebee to fight alone. He must leap from one ridge to another in car mode, gathering Energon along the way. This way, he will acquire the energy necessary to defeat any Decepticon he cannot avoid. He requires your assistance, so make sure you provide your best guidance.

How to Play

The gameplay is quite straightforward, and everything you will need to do is paying close attention to Bumblebee’s escape route. As mentioned, from time to time, he has to fight any Decepticons that block his way. However, if you can avoid them, guide the yellow transformer away from a confrontation as it is very energy-consuming.

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to guide Bumblebee in the right direction. Use the Up arrow to jump to a higher rock. For more speed when jumping, make sure to press both the direction arrow and the Up arrow at the same time.

Pay close attention to the Energon that flows up in the air. They bring more points which will increase the Bumblebee’s energy levels. The Energon vary from 50 to 250 points, bringing more and more power. However, beware of the red Energon as they decrease energy by 50 points when collected.

Tips and Tricks

From time to time, colorful crosses will appear. They bring health to Bumblebee, and when collected, they repair the damage.

However, air mines will also be part of the game. Make sure you avoid them, as they bring damage to the transformer. Moreover, when flying from one rock to another, be careful not to fall down. Every fall will decrease energy and cause damage that will eventually bring about failure.  

As mentioned before, there will be times when Bumblebee will have to fight the Decepticons in robot mode. You will be taken to a separate screen, where you will have to enter a code that brings Bumblebee special powers.

The code will appear on the screen, and you will have to type them in its code bar. After entering it, press FIRE WEAPONS to proceed with the attack. Don’t waver too much as time is imperative, brush your enemy off and get moving!

Enter the exciting world of transformations from cars to robots and take part in an adventure out of proportion. Your friends in this mechanical universe need your help and are sure that only you can get them out of trouble.