Terrorcon Defense

Join the adventure alongside Transformers in the Terrorcon Defense game. Gather your forces to protect the deposit of Energon against the evil Vehicons!

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About Terrorcon Defense Game

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Stakes are higher than ever in the Terrorcon Defense game. The Decepticons have discovered a great deposit of Energon near the Autobot Headquarters. Your favorite Transformers need your expertise and help to avoid a catastrophe!

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Arcee have to team up to prevent the Vehicon forces from getting their hands on the Dark Energon mines. Their evil plan is to use this energy to transform themselves into Terrorcons, becoming indestructible. This cannot happen, and you will make sure of that!

A total of six missions are required! The first journey takes place somewhere in the Nevada Desert. Bumblebee has to defeat the Vehicon forces all by himself. However, Ratchet and Agent Fowler will guide the yellow transformer through com-links.

Next, Arcee is dispatched in the outskirts of Jasper, where more Vehicons are stealing Dark Energon. After defeating them, she helps Bumblebee to stop the evil characters from reaching the abandoned military base. Lastly, they join Optimus Prime and continue to guard the world against the dark forces.

How to Play

For each mission, you can choose between three types of difficulty levels: Standard Mode, No Escape Mode, and Strong Enemies Mode. In the Standard Model, you can still pass the level if less than 25 enemies escaped. However, for the other stages, the number of enemies that are allowed to escape is even lower, so your mission gets increasingly difficult!

To destroy the Vehicons, you need to either attack them directly or to deploy turrets. They are stationary units that attack independently. Each Autobot has access to three kinds of turrets: the basic Cannon Turrets, and two other models, unique to that character. 

However, all characters have access to the regular turret that deploys missiles to strike down several enemies at once. This function is pivotal to defeating as many enemies as possible!

Moreover, each character has a particular set of skills that help him defeat the evil forces. However, they need recharging after every use, applying an independent recharge countdown for each skill. Be careful to use a well thought out tactic, so you don't run out of ammunition! 

Tips and Tricks

For the Field Generator skill, the transformers have to switch to vehicle mode, which increases nearby turrets' range and firepower for a short amount of time. Also, when in vehicle mode, the characters are faster. However, they cannot access the turrets in this mode. You must select the best form for every fight!

Moreover, turrets require Energon to summon. This currency replenishes itself whenever an enemy is destroyed. Occasionally, Ratchet provides more Energon if he considers that the wave is particularly challenging to defeat. Take advantage of his help and free the world of evil Decepticons!

Enter the world of Transformers and help your robot friends defeat evil forces. The Decepticons want to become invincible, and you are the only one who can stop them. Position your turrets wisely, and don't let any Vehicons get to the Dark Energon! Switch between the forms of your avatar, so that you always have the upper hand in the fight!