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Stakes are high in the Cyberverse Battle Builder game. Be the mastermind behind the scenes while designing great battles between Autobots and Decepticons!

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About Cyberverse Battle Builder Game

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Enter the fascinating universe of Transformers and fight for considerable achievements in the Cyberverse Battle Builder game. Gather your powers and concentrate them into an adventure full of twists and turns, where you are the mastermind behind every move. 

In this exciting journey through the lands of transformations, you will be able to be part of a universe of battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Provide your expertise and build the best robot teams. Make sure you build your crew with your favorite characters.

How to Play

The instructions of the game are not complicated. All you need to do is form teams for both sides of the fighters. First, you have to choose a leader that you will have to place strategically. All your moves must be made in such a way that your favorite team wins. You can choose from characters like Optimus Prime or Bumblebee for the Autobots team, and Megatron or Barricade for the Decepticons team.

To find out more about the characters, place the cursor on each hero's image, and the required information will be displayed on the screen. After you have decided who you will choose for your teams, and after placing the players in optimal battle positions, the confrontation awaits you.

On the screen, you should notice the green Battle button. Just press it and proceed with the competition you created. The best team will win the entire confrontation.

Tips and Tricks 

An exciting feature is that you can choose the territory where the battle will take place. You can choose between the Earth, the Moon, and the Cybertron. On Earth, you have two battle stages: Mission City and Desert Ambush. On the Moon, you will play either on Battle for the Ark, or Dark of the Moon. Cybertron provides Trypticon Towers and Iacon Square. 

Before placing the robots on the battleground, you have the option to convert them to their car forms. A green button will be provided on the screen for you to have this opportunity. Be careful, decide which strategy is best for the confrontation, and use the instructions of the game. Also, to follow the evolution of the characters during the battle, click on the Show Stats button.

The universe of transformations is one full of surprises, and you have to be careful and give your best. Enter the robot world and build the fiercest battles between the two forces. Wisely place your avatars so that you get the best out of a confrontation!