Bumblebee Blast

Join the hardworking Transformer in the Bumblebee Blast game! Help your yellow friend to train and get him ready for a Decepticon surprise-attack!

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About Bumblebee Blast Game

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A new adventure is on its way to the Bumblebee Blast Game. Help your colored friend get in shape for his next confrontation! Your expertise is needed so that the world of Transformers remains safe and sound!

In this new journey, Bumblebee has to train so that he is prepared for a possible Decepticon attack. Optimus Prime has taken upon himself to make sure the world does not face another destructive war. He is sending Bumblebee to the Autobot training simulator to improve his marksmanship skills.

However, he needs a companion when training. Your responsibility will be to make sure Bumblebee gets the best training possible. Pay close attention to the armament the yellow Transformer uses, and what he is best at! The faith of the Universe depends on you!

How to Play

A confrontation with the Decepticon forces has fatal implications. Bumblebee needs to be in his best form, and that solely depends on you. This is a first-person shooter game that provides holograms of Decepticons. Your hero has to shoot them and cause a great deal of damage.

When you start the game, Bumblebee is found hidden behind a wall. Before proceeding to the action, you need to choose between three types of weapons: the regular Blaster, a Machine Gun, or a Double Blaster. Each gun has a different outcome and causes various injuries.

After you have selected your weapon, you need to turn Bumblebee around so that he has a clear shot. To do this, press the Spacebar. Use your mouse to shoot the enemies once they appear in sight.

Sometimes the Decepticon holograms are hiding behind some of the rubble and are harder to reach. However, don’t give up! This simulator trains Bumblebee for the worst situations, and you have to deliver!  

Tips and Tricks

Some Decepticons are harder to terminate and will require you to shoot your weapon multiple times. This will cause you to consume all your ammunition. To reload, press the Spacebar so that Bumblebee is out of danger.

Since you are in this position, you can interchange your weapons. Click on the images shown at the bottom of the screen. Don’t forget that more Decepticons defeated equals more points!

Another aspect that you need to pay close attention to is Time. For every round in the simulator, timing is essential. You must gain as many points as you can before the timer runs out. 

Moreover, the game provides three levels of difficulty: Cadet, Normal, and Prime. Master all of them and become the ultimate war master! Also, remember that Headshots bring bonus points!

To save the world from the evil forces of the Decepticons, Bumblebee must train intensely. Provide your best assistance and help the yellow Transformer achieve the best combat form he possibly can. Pay close attention to the game, as your expertise is vital to saving the world!