Bumblebee's Music Mix

Help your Transformer friend recover his files with Bumblebee’s Music Mix game! Can you unlock all the tracks to help your friend communicate with humans?

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About Bumblebee's Music Mix Game

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With Bumblebee's Music Mix game, you can solve puzzles to help your favorite Transformer regain his soundtrack! If you are a fan of the adorable yellow robot, you must know that his primary way of communicating with humans is music. That's precisely what makes him one of the most beloved characters of the entire series!

Unfortunately, Bumblebee can't enjoy his favorite tracks anymore! The music files have been corrupted. Can you help? Your job is to solve the intricate Hexabeats in the game and fix his funky beats. Are you smart enough to do it?

Rebuild the Hexabeats to unlock cool music!

This puzzle game consists of six stages. Each one of them has twelve levels, so you're in for a ton of fun! Can you unlock all of them?

The best feature of this game is the upbeat soundtrack. What is more, you can unlock some new background music every time you successfully finish a stage of the game. Get ready to dance to the tune of Bumblebee's exclusive selection as you solve exciting puzzles!

Let's get started! The concept of the game is simple: use the pieces at the lower part of the screen to fill in the Hexabeat. It's so easy! All you need to do is click on one of the colorful pieces, then drag it to the desired position. 

It sounds quite simple at first, but you'll soon find that this game challenges your intelligence! You start with three pieces, but you will quickly learn to handle three, four, or even five elements that you need to combine perfectly.

What is more, you might need to fill in two Hexabeats instead of one to pass some of the more difficult levels. How good of a puzzle solver are you?

Follow these tips to become Bumblebee's best friend!

Once you got the basics, it's time to become a pro! Are you having trouble getting started? The solution is simple. Look for the biggest piece, and try to place it first! More often than not, there are just a couple of options. Therefore, you need to find the ideal position and work around this piece. Isn't that neat?

Are you still feeling stuck? Don't worry! Press the button marked with a lightbulb to get a hint about where you should put one of the items. It's such a great trick!

Can you unlock all the 12 files inside each album? You will be rewarded with a cool track each time you complete one of the stages of the game. Do you like the bright tone of Sunny Shores or the dynamic vibe of Energon Pop? You now have the chance to enjoy Bumblebee's music taste!