Feed Grimlock

Your assistance is needed in the Feed Grimlock game. Throw Vehicons to the Dinobot to save him from starvation! How many of them can you manage to toss?

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About Feed Grimlock Game

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Enter the fascinating world of Transformers in the Feed Grimlock game. Your favorite character from this adventure is hungry and needs you to recover his powers. Help him regain his strength, and join him in his next journey, full of surprises and good times.

Lunchtime has arrived, and Grimlock is very hungry. He immediately needs an abundance of calories to charge his batteries with energy. He feels weak after a long period of eating too little. Now, he wants to be fed his favorite dish: Decepticons. It's your job to feed Grimlock and bring his energy levels back into the charts.

How to Play

The gameplay is straightforward, and since Grimlock is very hungry, you will need to move fast.  If you look at the left part of the screen, you'll find a catapult. You will have to bring the Vehicons onto the catapult and throw them at Grimlock. Be careful, as he tends to change his position, making it harder for you to aim.

Use your mouse to point the direction in which the catapult should throw the food at Grimlock. Move your cursor UP and Down to direct the machine towards the hungry character. Click on the blue Vehicon to establish the speed at which you will throw him. Move your cursor to the Left to have higher power and speed for the launch. This will make him fly as close to Grimlock's mouth as possible.  

Tips and Tricks

Since the great champion is so hungry, you only have 60 seconds before he gets angry from hunger, and the game stops. Make sure to feed him many Vehicons in this time, to gain more points, and be a champion.

Also, you will have to pay attention to how many Vehicons he will eat in a row. Your points will increase with the number of blue creatures that are consumed. If Grimlock eats three Vehicons one after the other, you will receive bonus DinoForce points.

Gather your forces and save the hungry Dinosaur from starvation. He will need your assistance more than ever in this new game. Assist him in his fight to recover the energy that he lost in all those battles, and become a hero!