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With the Protect Crown City game, you can become a Transformer and use your powers to protect humanity! Can you capture all the run-away prisoners?

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Play Transformers: Protect Crown City game to experience the powers of the Autobots first-hand! You must have heard about these powerful extraterrestrial beings who assume the form of robots. You might know about their grueling civil war between them and the Decepticons as well. 

However, you might not know about their spacecraft prison! Unfortunately, it has crashed near Crown City, a coastal human settlement! Can you imagine that? Now you have the opportunity to use the great powers of an Autobot to fight evil! Capture the dangerous prisoners before it's too late! The faith of the city is in your hands! 

Pick out the protagonist of your adventure and learn how to play! 

The first step of the game is to pick out an Autobot and begin the battle. You have four exciting options at your disposal. The four robots have different pros and cons, so make sure you choose wisely! The four main parameters which define an Autobot are Defence, Accuracy, Speed, and Range.

 The yellow legend, Bumblebee, allows you to shoot enemies from a great distance. Do you prefer Strongarm's resistant armor or Sideswipe's swiftness? Maybe you'll enjoy the extremely high precision of Grimlock's shots! Whichever you choose, you're surely in for an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The gameplay is extremely straightforward. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time! Your mission is to capture the Decepticons in the sky. Simply click on them as they are falling to lock them into cages! However, your job doesn't stop here! 

Once the caged prisoners reach the ground, you need to secure them as soon as you can! If you fail to do so, they will escape. Keep in mind that each lost enemy will cause you to lose vital health points! Remember to always check the health bar by glancing at the top left corner of the screen!

Travel all through the city to complete your mission!

The game consists of five exciting levels which will take you to different locations in the Crown City. The game will increase in difficulty as you progress, so make sure you keep up! Each time, the goal number of prisoners will get higher as well. You can check on it by glancing at the top right corner of the screen. Are you ready to visit the refinery, airfield, scrapyard, bridge, and even the city center?

A few tips and tricks will help you complete all the levels. To begin with, keep an eye out for red warning signs. They precede each wave of enemies, giving you a little heads up!

Once you have imprisoned all the falling foes, you should keep in mind that you can collect multiple cages at a time. This will save you precious time and make a real difference in your strategy and results!

Don't forget to also be on the lookout for bonus opportunities! The extras will replenish valuable health points, so gather them as often as you can! Things are getting a bit more complicated, aren't they?

Are you ready to step into the final challenge? At the end of each level, you will face a different type of enemy from the ones that you are accustomed to. They feature more powerful attacks, and will surely take more than one hit to defeat! Do you have the courage and stamina to face any challenge and channel the powers of a Transformer? The faith of an entire city is in your hands!