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Play the Titans Return game, and get to experience the Transformers from a new perspective! Can you handle the great powers and defend Fortress Maximus?

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Try the Titans Return game to have a ton of fun with your heroes from the Transformers! Have you heard about the Titans, the incredibly powerful alien beings? Now you get to see them team up with some of your favorite Bots! Do you think you can yield the force of these awesome machines? 

The Fortress is under attack! You have to charge up the turrets and defeat your base at all costs. It's going to be a difficult mission! Are you brave and skilled enough to do it?

Make a smart combination and jump in the exciting action!

The game consists of a single round of an intense battle that will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, before you start shooting, you need to decide on the perfect character.

You have four Bots and four Titans to choose from. Keep in mind that even though some of them are Autobots, and some of them are Decepticons, you can combine them in whichever way you see fit!  

Astrotrain, Highbrow, Skullsmasher, and Powermaster Prime have different abilities, so choose a Titan that can improve their stats. Xort, Darkmoon, Autobot Apex, and Grax can increase your hero's strength, speed, missile power, and speed. Isn't that awesome?

Now that you have chosen a powerful hero, it's time to learn your basics! Use your mouse to aim, then click anywhere on the screen to shot. However, there's a catch! Your missiles will take some time to arrive at the desired location. Therefore, you will soon find that timing is vital in this game!

Protect the Fortress at all costs to achieve victory! 

Now that you got the hang of the moves, let's get started! Your primary focus should be the bar at the bottom of the screen. It represents the Fortress Maximus' power gauge. Isn't it remarkable that all its turrets start shooting if you manage to fill it up?

However, be warned: the game is over when the energy bar gets depleted! Each hit you take will decrease it, bringing you closer to the end of the game. Therefore, each imprecise shot will cost you!

How can you make up for past mistakes and get closer to victory? That's pretty simple! Do you see the glowing blue Energon cubes? Click on them as fast as you can when you see them, as they will refuel the Fortress. Isn't that cool?

At the end of the game, you will receive your score. It is based on how many of your missiles have reached their target. You will also earn extra points if you have managed to start up the turrets. That's a sure way to reach the high score list! 

Are you ready to experience the Transformer adventures from a brand new point of view? You will have a blast while trying out the abilities of Bots that are now stronger than ever!