Cyber Sabotage

Try the Cyber Sabotage game to join Spider-Man in his fight against the evil OSCORP! Are you brave enough to embark on this exciting adventure?

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About Cyber Sabotage Game

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With the Cyber Sabotage game, you have the opportunity to explore some of the most exciting places in New York cities! The Agency has just contacted you with some concerning news: the headquarters are under cyber-attacks, and the network has been shut down by enemies. OSCORP is the likeliest suspect, so you need to head over there and check out what's going in! 

You must have heard about the multibillion-dollar multinational corporation created and run by CEO Norman Osborn. Unfortunately for NY city, Osborn has partnered with Mendel Stromm, who helped him transform into the Green Goblin. How can anybody forget his terrifying presence? 

Are you ready to swing around and take out terrifying enemies?

The game consists of fourteen exciting levels split across three complex locations. You start inside the OSCORP building, but who knows where you will end up? The source of the attack is still unclear, so make sure you explore all existing leads! Are you ready to get immersed in this mystery?

It's time to learn how to control Spidey's awesome powers! Thankfully, the gameplay is straightforward and easy to get the hang of! To jump, use your mouse to adjust the angle, then simply left-click. To sling a web, just left-click once, use your mouse to aim, then click again.

What is more, as you are swinging, you can use your mouse to move up and down the web. Pretty neat, right? 

By far, the funniest part of this game is learning how to swing from one web to another! Just left-click once to jump, left-click again while aiming to cast the web, then click a third time to jump towards the next web. It sounds pretty complicated at first, but you'll soon find that it gets easier as you practice! Do you care to give it a try?

Plenty of enemies and detours await!

However fun it might sound, this game is not just about swinging around on webs. You will also need to take out some menacing enemies in your way!

There are three methods to take out foes:  hit them by swinging at them, dropping crates on top of them, or even shoot them with your web. You can do so by aiming at them, then just left-clicking. However, don't use this solution too often! It will earn you fewer points, as well as use up your web!

Now that you know how to fight, it's time to put that knowledge to good use! After beating up all the OSCORP agents, you will find that the source of the cyber-attacks is the Reynolds building. Guess who is waiting for you here? That's right, more foes! Here you will have the chance to solve some exciting puzzles. Press the switches to unlock new areas and disable force fields.

However, your troubles don't end in the skyscraper! Once the contact with the Agency gets cut off, you need to find the Sky Carrier. In case you have forgotten, this place acts as Spider-Man's headquarters.

Can you clear out all the enemies, now that the ship defenses have turned against you? Your best chance is to catch a ride on one of the flying security bots!

At the end of each level, you will find out how well you did! How many stars can you earn? The final result takes into account the number of webs used, bots eliminated, as well as how many Spidey coins you have collected. Can you finish the game with a five-star rating?