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Have fun with the Wheely 1 game and find a solution to every problem! Can you help this ambitious car escape from the showroom and achieve his dreams?

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You'll have tons of fun with the Wheely 1 game if you love adventures and problem-solving! You should brace yourself for a quirky and challenging mission. Can you believe that the protagonist is an ordinary car with big dreams?

Wheely is the unlikely hero of this odyssey. Having lived in a showroom his entire life, he only has one aspiration: to go out and race. Can you help him go from zero to hero?

As you already know, Wheely isn't particularly fast or strong. Therefore, your mission is to help him survive by using various tools in your surroundings. Are you smart enough to help him get past all the obstacles? It's time to put your problem-solving skills to the test!

How to Play

The game consists of 15 exciting levels, each one more challenging than the previous. Even though you start in an ordinary car showroom, you can never know where Wheely's adventures will take him! I'm sure you'll be excited to explore some cool locations, like a vehicle boneyard, a manufactory, and even a laboratory. 

Unlike real life, driving a car is extremely easy in this game. All you need to do is click on Wheely to make him drive forward, then click again if you want to slam the breaks! All the other actions in the game can be performed using the mouse as well. From using levers to fliping switches and moving objects around the screen, you can do everything with a single click.

Are you ready to get started? Start by inspecting all the elements in the scene and figuring out how they work! The goal is to get Wheely past the red flag in each level.

Most of the time, this will involve using elevators, ramps, and platforms to help the brave little car cross the finish line safely. You might also need to rewire security camera systems and get past dangerous foes using traps and disguises. Do you think you can keep up?

There's more you should know!

The best part about this game is the fact that you get to play through some unusual experiences. Who would have thought that Wheely would get himself in a wild chase with the police? He even gets to travel underwater, inside a submarine.

Naturally, you'll need to solve puzzles, figure out codes, and practice your timing to get through these situations. All the ingenious solutions to the quirky problems will amaze you!

Another cool feature of this game is the fact that you can customize Wheely on the fifth level. Isn't it cool that you can change the color, the wheels, and even the windows? The manufactory will help you add some personality to the beloved hero of this series. 

Will Wheely reach the race and accomplish his biggest dream? It all depends on how clever and agile you are. You have the power to change this brave little car's life just by using your mouse!

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