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Try the Wheely 7: Detective game if you are in the mood to solve a mystery! Did you know that our favorite red car has a job as a private investigator?

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Are you ready for a new challenge with the Wheely 7: Detective game? Any fan of the puzzle genre must be familiar with this adorable red car and his shenanigans. However, this installment of the series has a novel experience in store for you. Immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere and get ready to discover a new side of Wheely!

Did you know that our favorite car protagonist is secretly a skilled detective? Given his talent for getting in sticky situations, Wheely finds himself at the center of a complicated plot. He will need to solve puzzles, get past dangerous guards, and put the facts together to solve this problem! Can you give him a hand?

Learn how to play the game!

This adventure consists of 15 levels, each one more challenging than the other. You will need to infiltrate the headquarters of dangerous individuals, battle menacing foes, and solve complicated puzzles. Can you keep up?

Controlling Wheely can be done with just a few mouse movements! If you want him to move, click once, then click again to make him stop. Pushing buttons, pulling levers, and interacting with objects from the background is just as easy! 

What makes this installment of the series truly exciting is that it introduces some new features. Isn't it fun to find evidence, then examine it with the magnifying glass? As you play through each level, you will be able to add new elements to the story and start to understand what happened. The crime mystery concept truly adds flavor to this classic puzzle!

What else you should know

Can you earn the three-star achievement for all the levels? It's not going to be easy, as getting past the red flag is only worth one star. However, if you are detail-oriented, you can earn a high score in no time.

To begin with, keep an eye out for Wheely's spare wheel. Most of the time, it will be hidden in plain sight, disguised by the elements in the background of each level.

Find the hidden puzzle inside each level! Sometimes it can be as simple as clicking on an object in the background, while other times you might need to win a classic videogame. If you are smart and attentive, you'll surely find the miniature Wheely and earn the final golden star!

Who would've thought that Wheely could take on a mafia lord or defuse a bomb? This most unusual hero uses everything to his advantage! He might not be very strong or particularly fast. However, you can use your wittiness to help him surpass any obstacle!

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