Adam and Eve: Snow

Put your cleverness to the test with the Adam & Eve: Snow game! Can you help our goofy hero get past all the obstacles and find a fir tree for his wife?

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You can't miss the Adam & Eve: Snow game, especially if you enjoy puzzle adventures! This challenge is so funny and inventive that it will surely make you laugh out loud. Besides, the festive theme will make you feel cheerful and relaxed. Are you ready to give it a try?

Meet the goofy characters of this challenge! Adam and Eve are, perhaps, the most famous couple in the world. In this game, they look like a pair of funky cave men. They sure have strong personalities!

This time, Eve has a great demand for her husband: finding a beautiful Christmas tree, complete with a golden star. It will be a dangerous journey for Adam, and he can only succeed with your help!

How to Play

The rules of this game couldn't be more straightforward. All you need to do is use your mouse! Clicking on any of the objects in the background will trigger an action. The trick is to select the items in the correct order to solve the problem. Can you manage to do that?

Along the way, you'll come across plenty of enemies and tricky situations. Unfortunately, Adam isn't a strong protagonist. Therefore, you'll have to use your wits to help him get past intimidating foes and other obstacles. For instance, you'll encounter guarded gates and even malicious dinosaurs. To move further, you'll need to invent ways to distract them or make them move. Can you find a way to do that?

Sometimes, you'll need to take advantage of the seemingly useless objects in the background. That's the trick! Maybe an apple might seem like an insignificant object, but it can also turn out to be a good bait for the turtle sitting on top of a secret tunnel. Similarly, a beaver can seem insignificant in the beginning. However, if you give it a little nudge, you can use him to crash a log onto a hostile caveman. How inventive! 

Get ready for a good laugh and a few challenging brain teasers! This puzzle game will take you on an unusual journey. Even if it might seem strange at times, in the end, you'll have a sense of satisfaction. Can you complete this challenge and prove your intelligence?