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Help Albert prepare for Homecoming in the How to Build a Better Boy: Robot Relay game! Explore the school, complete your tasks and get ready for the dance!

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Are you wondering what being a teenager is like? Well, it's your chance to live the experience in the How to Build a Better Boy: Robot Relay game! Gabby and Mae have created the perfect guy, but now he needs to succeed at school. Can you help your friends and learn all about becoming popular together?

It's almost time for Homecoming, but Albert isn't ready for the event! You have to build the best version of him and teach the boy all he needs to know until the big event. Go to class, do sports, and have fun with your friends! You're about to become famous throughout the school!

How to Play

Get ready to begin your first day! Albert seems to be great at everything he does, so you don't have to worry about your skills here. Just use your mouse to tap on each kid, then click again to guide them to a task. Doesn't that sound easy as pie?

Your first and most important step is to choose a personality for the boy. Luckily for you, there are all kinds of options to pick from! Will your favorite guy be an athlete, a geek, or a charmer? Each type behaves differently in the game, so make sure to decide after taking a good look!

There is a whole week left until Homecoming, and you have to last through all 5 days. Monday is about learning the basics, so use this time to learn all about your classmates and interact with the other kids! If you complete enough tasks, you will earn three stars at the end of each day. However, if you don't, then Albert might not make it to Friday!

During each stage, you will have different missions to try. Assist Nevaeh with her cheer routine and help her avoid negative thoughts. After that, you have to make sure that Gabby and Mae do their schoolwork and Albert stays out of danger. Bad guys are everywhere, so you have to do your best not to get tackled down!

Being a high schooler is not easy, but you're a fast learner! Explore the school and help your friends prepare for Homecoming week! Aren't you excited about the upcoming dance?