Bunk'D: Inflatable Band

Try the Bunk'D: Inflatable Band game to help Zuri grab each item falling on the lake! Can you keep her safe from Jorge while catching every inflatable?

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About Bunk'D: Inflatable Band Game

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Zuri is out on the lake, and she needs your help to catch every falling object in the Bunk'D: Inflatable Band game! However, Jorge will try to put a stop to your efforts. Can you take care of him and grab as many items as possible?

Your role is to join Zuri in her efforts to the objects and achieve a high score. Also, try and dodge Jorge's attacks as he will cause lots of trouble. Do you think you can put up with this challenge? Let's go to the lake and see how you will perform!

How to Play

First, you need to go through the controls! This task is not hard to complete, as your only tool will be your mouse. Use it to move Zuri and her rubber ring under the falling objects to catch them. Also, do the same to move out of the way when Jorge jumps. See? With a bit of practice, it will be a piece of cake!

Your role is to catch as many items as possible! Some might be worth more points than others. For example, an inflatable blue ball might be worth fewer points than a pair of goggles. Also, some objects will be worth more if they have a different color. Try to catch them all!

Lastly, your only threat is Jorge. If he manages to jump on top of Zuri, you will lose a health point, and when all of them are gone, it's game over! Your health can't regenerate, so you best stay safe. How long do you think you'll last?

Are you ready to start the challenge to help Zuri grab all the falling items? Make sure to keep her away from Jorge, so everything will be great in the end. Prepare your swimming suit, and let's see you perform!