Surf & Turf Dance Rumble

Dance off with the Teen Beach Movie heroes in the Surf & Turf Dance Rumble game to win Big Mama's beach. Test your moves to help them get the hanging spot!

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In the Surf & Turf Dance Rumble game, The Surfers and The Bikers are here to put their groovy moves to work in a dance-off! However, this competition is no joke, so they need your help to gain victory. The winner gets control over Big Mama's, the most popular hanging beach! Can you rock out and win the place?

Your role is to join the Teen Beach Movie heroes, Tanner, Giggles, Butchy, and Lela, to help each one defeat their contestant! You have a long beach party ahead, full of wild dancing, so you better get ready! Do you think The Surfers will win the Big Mama's, or will The Bikers get the best of them?

How to Play

Big Mama's beach is where everyone can party, and dancing is a piece of cake! To make your character perform the grooviest moves and get loads of points, you only need to click and drag your mouse over the targets. However, they appear and disappear over time, so make sure you are fast and hit them all!

The first character you can play with is Giggles, and you can unlock the others over time. Also, you can only play the game on the easiest difficulty if you don't have all heroes. If you want to advance quickly, try to gather loads of points by not missing any targets and creating special moves!

Luckily, you have some aces in your sleeve! Look for the puddle of water, and hit it to distract the contestant. However, it moves around quickly, so pay attention before you strike. Also, if you don't use it, the opponent will use it on you, so make sure you don't miss it!

There is more you should know!

If you want to complete the dances easily, you should beware of the red targets! Those move around all the time, and if you hit one by mistake, you will lose some points! If you take too many hits, there is no way you will keep up with your opponent, so you need to be really careful!

Lastly, you need to keep in mind your combo! You can build it by hitting many target formations in a row. However, if you miss, hit a red target, or get attacked with a puddle, you will lose it! It has three stages, and each gives you an increased amount of points. Can you keep it full?

Are you ready to join The Surfers and The Bikers gangs and start the competition for Big Mama's Beach? The music is loud, and the dancefloor is prepared just for you, so you should not waste any more time! Let's get groovy and see who will be the winner!