Kickin' It: Black Dragon Blitz

Become a Kung-fu fighter and save the day in the Kickin' It: Black Dragon Blitz game! Defeat the enemies and rescue Bobby Wasabi from the evil ninjas!

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About Kickin' It: Black Dragon Blitz Game

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Become a Kung-fu fighter and prove your skills in the Kickin' It: Black Dragon Blitz game! Bobby Wasabi has been kidnapped, and the dojo is in danger! His students are going on a rescue mission, and they are ready to throw some punches! Will you join Jack and Milton for this battle?

Your friends from Kickin' It are going on a journey to save their master. Show off your fighting skills and defeat all the ninjas! Save your friends and reach the end of each stage to meet Bobby Wasabi. Can you finish this mission?

How to Play

The road to victory is not easy, so you have to pay attention to the basics! For this challenge, you will mostly have to use your keyboard. Hold the Left and Right arrows to walk, or tap the Up button to jump. You can attack your enemies and defend yourself by pressing the Spacebar repeatedly.

The cast of Kickin' It has prepared multiple action-filled stages for you. Travel around the map, look for the captured students, and gather your team. You don't have to find all your buddies, but the bigger your group, the higher your score will be at the end.

The Black Dragons are powerful rivals, so make sure to keep your defense up and look in all directions! They can show up anytime, so get ready to use your weapons or throw punches or kicks! You only have 2 lives at the beginning, and therefore you have to avoid getting hit! If you do, you will have to restart the game.

What else you should know

Do your best to defeat the bosses to free Bobby Wasabi! You can hold the Spacebar for a special attack, but the downside is you can use it only once per level. If you do your best, you might even earn an extra life as a reward.

As you progress through the game, the difficulty will increase. Sometimes, you will unlock a bonus stage, where you will have to defeat all the ninjas. Throw tacos at them, and take them all down for a chance to earn an additional life!

Are you ready to begin the battle? Join Jack and Milton and go on a rescue mission together! Find Bobby Wasabi and save the day!