Big Hero Shootout

Shoot some goals with Hiro and Baymax in the Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout game! Join your friends for a round of garage soccer and aim for a high score!

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About Big Hero Shootout Game

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Have fun playing soccer from the comfort of your own home in the Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout game! It seems that Hiro Hamada has been improving Baymax. Now he's ready to become a goalkeeper, all thanks to a new prototype armor. Will you help your friends test the gear?

Your favorite characters of Big Hero 6 are counting on you to score some goals! Unlike a regular soccer game, you also have another task: to test the new suit. Throw your ball, earn as many points as you can, and avoid Baymax! How long will you be able to keep it up?

How to Play

You don't have to warm-up for this challenge! Just grab your mouse and do your best to aim! Your goal is to throw your ball at the garage door without hitting the armored robot. If he defends the gate 3 times, it's game over for you! 

To hit, you have to click on your ball, hold to aim, then release. Just try not to throw too far up, or you might not even hit the target! Pay attention to the screen and seize the moment Baymax is moving to one side. You'll surely be able to score some points! 

Your team consists of yourself and Hiro. For your first successful goal, your side will earn 100 points. However, your score will increase the more combos you gain. Of course, if the robot catches your ball, your score will go back to 100 again.

Remember to keep an eye on Baymax all the time! This way, you should be able to earn a high score with some practice. Replay the game as many times as needed, and watch your skills improve!

What do you say? Are you ready to join the heroes of Big Hero 6 for a round of garage soccer? See how strong the new armor is, and shoot some goals together!

Good luck!