Donald Duck in Hydro Frenzy

Head off to the park during a hot day in the Donald Duck in Hydro Frenzy game! Serve cold water quickly and keep the customers happy to earn a high score!

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About Donald Duck in Hydro Frenzy Game

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Can you keep your thirsty customers hydrated in the Donald Duck in Hydro Frenzy game? It's a hot summer day out, and the cute Disney character is serving water in the park. However, the temperature is rising at an alarming rate, and more people keep coming! Because of this, your friend needs some extra help to serve all his clients on time! 

Are you ready to earn some money? Donald's challenge will put your time-management skills to the test! Your task is to get the cold drinks to your customers as quickly as possible, or they might get angry and leave. If you're aiming for high earnings, you have to keep your water tank full at all times and act fast! 

How to Play

It's time to head off to the park! Luckily the controls here are straightforward because you only have to use your mouse. Wait for the citizens to sit down, then Left-click on them once to serve the cold water. Once they're ready to pay, you just have to tap on each person once more to collect the coupons.

Hurry up because everyone is starting to get dehydrated! Your customers can be very hot-headed, so keep an eye on them and keep them happy at all times. Keep their cups filled, pick up the payments on time, and watch your score increase! Of course, you also have to keep an eye on your water tank and rush towards the hydrant once it's time to fill up.

You only have three lives, so make sure to pay attention! For each citizen that waits too long, a grey cloud will fall on your friend, and he will lose a chance. That's why you have to think of a strategy for the day and not let the people become irritated. Just keep an eye on the bar below every person and make sure it stays green at all times!

What else you should know

As you keep playing, some boxes will show up. Each one has a different effect, whether it's a shark that scares away all the customers or a boost that will help you earn more coupons. You should keep an eye out for the Splash Attack box because it will start a fun mini-game for a limited time. Get the area soaking wet, and you will earn coupons for each target you hit!

To unlock all three stages of the game, you have to reach your target for each time of the day: morning, noon, and night. Serve as many customers as possible and try to obtain combos! This way, your business will be thriving, and you will earn a high score.

Also, at the end of each stage, you will enter Splash Mode, which can even double your points if you act fast enough!

Well, are you prepared to serve some cold drinks? Help Donald Duck with his business and keep the citizens hydrated until the end of the day!