Brady's Beach Scramble

Find all the missing objects in the Teen Beach Movie: Brady's Beach Scramble game! You'll have the chance to hang out with Brady and Mack on set!

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Test your attention for detail with the Teen Beach Movie: Brady's Beach Scramble game! Have you met Brady and Mack yet? These two teenage surfers are the stars of a magical Disney romantic movie. Somehow, they were transported to the set of another famous production. Naturally, we're talking about the '60s masterpiece called the West Side Story. For them to be able to return home safely, they need to find all the objects on set. Can you give them a hand?

The game consists of five levels, each portraying a famous scene from the movie. Your job is to take a look at the list of objects, then click on them. It sounds like an easy feat, but you'll soon find that it's a challenge!

How to Play

Take a close look at all the objects on the list on the left side of the screen! You mustn't forget to click on the arrows to see the list in its entirety. Depending on the level, you'll need to find up to ten objects. Can you do it? Once you know what you are looking for, you'll need to use your attention to detail to search for the item. Have you managed to find it? Simply click on it to check it off the list!

Look out! The objects you'll be looking for are very different. Some are movie props, while others are objects meant to protect the actors or even musical instruments. Besides, their size ranges from large to very small! Find them all before the time runs out to complete the level. If you don't manage to do that, you'll have to start from the beginning. Oh no!

Luckily, you have three hints at your disposal to help you finish each level. That's so helpful! Just click on the button at the top right corner of the screen to take advantage of this feature. Whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation, press the button and look for a glowing object!

There's more you should know! 

Have you met the other characters besides Mack and Brady? They're cool teenagers with a lot of talent and personality. They are hidden behind different objects in each scene. Can you find all of them? If so, you'll receive valuable bonus points for each one. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for Chee Chee, Tanner, Leia, and the rest of the crew.  It's worth it!

Besides, you should also take advantage of the bonus rounds, called Tidal Waves! Various objects, like baseballs and frisbees, will fly across the screen. Click on them as fast as you can! Each one will add an extra 200 points to your score. However, this stage of the game can be tricky! Some of the objects will even bounce around rapidly. To catch them, you'll need to anticipate the future position of the object.

Give this fun game a try to get the unique Teen Beach experience! You'll have a lot of fun on set with Brady and Mack. What is more, you'll have the chance to improve your attention and speed.

Jump in! It will be a blast!