Slugterra: Slug Arsenal

Try the Slugterra: Slug Arsenal game to learn every detail about this world! Can you go through each Slug, Ghoul, and Gear to see which one is the best?

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About Slugterra: Slug Arsenal Game

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Discover all the slugs, ghouls, and gear in the Slugterra: Slug Arsenal game! Go through each subject and see what everyone can do. Also, check out their evolution to see what crazy improvements they might have! Are you excited to learn all the details about your Slug Arsenal?

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Your job is to go through all the different characters and weapons and see what everyone can do. At the same time, you can come across impressive gear or some awesome abilities! Make sure you don't miss anything and see how many new things you can learn about the Slug, Ghouls, and Gear!

How to Play

Firstly, let's teach you how to navigate the arsenal! The only tool you need is your mouse. Use the Left Click on whatever character you want to check out. Then you only need to go through their details! Try to sort everyone in alphabetical or numerical order to make your job easier. Also, you can search for someone by their name if you want to! 

Your arsenal is divided into three types: Slugs, Ghouls, and Gear. Each has a different color, so you can identify them with ease. At the same time, they also have a character to represent that category. For example, the slugs have each species represented by a famous figure.

While going through each character, you can also find their abilities and even check out their evolutions. Also, it will be displayed how many attacks they can perform. See? There is nothing left out, so you can learn everything there is to know about every species!

Don't forget about the gear! Not only can you check out all the different guns, but you can also go through the machines. Find out what they do and see which one might be your favorite! With such a high diversity, picking only one might be complicated.

Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about your Slug Arsenal? Go through each character and pick your favorite. Let's see what new things you will find out!