Battle for Slugterra

Try the Battle for Slugterra game to become part of an unusual adventure! Can you play the role of Eli and become the greatest Slugsling hero?

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About Battle for Slugterra Game

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Play the Battle for Slugterra game if you want to experience the thrill of a wonderful adventure! Have you ever thought that the world of small bugs and plants can be challenging and exciting? Now you have the chance to meet Eli Shane, a miniature teenager. His dream is to collect as many tiny slugs as possible and use them to defeat the forces of evil. Can you lend him a hand to become the greatest Slugslinging hero of them all?

Your goal is to navigate the challenging terrain of each level until you reach the gate at the finish line. However, you will need to collect and use slugs wisely to survive. That surely sounds like an adventure like no other!

How to Play

The game consists of multiple levels that take place in four different settings. You start in a small garden filled with Wild Spore. However, you will be able to unlock three new areas with cold names, such as Dark Spores, Scorched Sparks, and Dark Periphery. Isn't that cool?

Next, it's time to get the hang of the controls! Use the Left and Right Arrows to move around the level. Do you want to jump? Just press the Up Arrow. These moves will take you past most of the obstacles you might encounter in your journey. Pretty simple, right? 

By far, the coolest feature of this game is that you can collect slugs and use them as weapons. Do you see that adorable little creature at the top of that hill? Make your way up there and collect it! Now, you can shoot it by pressing the C key.

As the game progresses and you collect multiple types of slugs, you can even switch between them. How do you do that? Just press the X button!

There's more you should know!

The key to success is mastering every slug's abilities in your collection. For example, Infurnus can be used to cause high amounts of damage to your enemies. However, if you need to push an obstacle out of the way, Rammstone is your best bet. Discover Bubbleone, Tazerling, and other adorable and powerful creatures to master the game!

Speaking of enemies, you should be on the lookout for the strange creatures of the garden. Some of them, such as the bees, might seem quite harmless at first sight. However, you shouldn't underestimate them and take them out immediately! From bats to poisonous mushrooms and evil creatures hidden in the bushes, everything is out to get you in Slugterra!

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the level! Your final stats take into account the number of coins you have collected, as well as how swift you were. The number of enemies you have defeated and how many hits you have taken are also considered.

Do you want to reach the high scores list? Explore the level in its entirety and be on the lookout for the special star bonus!