The Lodge: Hidden Objects

Try The Lodge: Hidden Objects game to meet Josh, Skye, and many others for a treasure hunt! Can you find every item on the list before the time runs out?

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About The Lodge: Hidden Objects Game

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Put your attention and reflexes to the test in The Lodge: Hidden Objects game! Meet some of the main characters and start a treasure hunt. However, some objects may be more difficult to find than others. Will you be able to find them all?

Your job is to grab every item and character on your list. For example, you might need to find a dusty suitcase, or sometimes you will maybe have to look for Skye or Josh. Don't worry! If you pay attention, you will be able to find everything in no time. Let's get this challenge started!

How to Play

Firstly, let's start with the controls because they are pretty straightforward! Look around the room and use the Left Click to grab the objects or characters from your list. Try to pay close attention to this task. It can be easy to overlook and miss something.

You will have a time limit to grab everything. If the time runs out, it's game over! Also, you can go through many lists per game. Some may have only one object or character for you to find, and others may have more. How many lists do you think you'll clear out in one game?

Lastly, for every found object, you will be awarded several points! However, if you pick something that is not on your list, you will receive a negative score, and you might get a score less than zero. You should stay focused and try to gather as many points as possible!

Are you ready to start the lookout and get every item and character on the list? Josh, Skye, Ben, Shawn, and the others are waiting to see your performance. Let's not disappoint them and give our best to overcome this challenge!