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With the Hot Shot Business game, you can try your hand at being an entrepreneur! Will you manage to run a Pet Spa, a Skateboard Shop, or a Comic Book Store?

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Try the Hot Shot Business game to see if you have the necessary talent to lead a successful enterprise! Not everybody can manage a business! With this realistic simulation, you have the chance to try your hand at the life of an entrepreneur. Don't worry! With this Disney game, you'll also have a lot of fun!

Welcome to Opportunity City! This little location is perfect for any aspiring business owner. Besides, Jake and Kate, two established entrepreneurs, are here to give you advice. Can you think of a better place to start your venture? Decide if you want to manage a Pet Spa, a Skateboard Shop, or a Comic Book Store! Now all that's left to do is play!

How to Play

After picking a shop and naming it, it's time to get down to business! Use the Hot Shot Business tools on the left side of the screen to begin preparing for the grand opening. Click on all of them and pick out the best options for your business! Read on to find out about all the parameters!

To start with, you'll need to deal with finances. You already have 2500 dollars in your account, but you'll need 2000 more. Will you loan it from a bank or take on an investor? The first option means you'll need to pay out a sum every month. However, if you choose to give away part of your business, you'll also have to give away some of your profit. It's up to you!

Now, it's time to decide on what products or services you'll offer in your store! Wait, don't rush to the shop just yet! Before making any purchase, it's a good idea to check the Needs Tab. Find out what your customers prefer and invest accordingly! Now, you can finally go to the Stations Tab and start renting some machines or stands. 

There's more you should know! 

Attract as many customers as you can! To get the word out about your enterprise, you'll need to advertise in a paper, create an ad for tv, or buy a spot on the radio. You can even give out flyers, set up a website, or organize an event. What is more, you'll also have to choose what products you want to promote. Create a brand campaign to increase interest for your store overall! 

Make sure you also keep an eye on the news! Local events can influence what your customers want. For instance, a skating event in town will bring business to the store, while a bad story about dog shampoo will decrease demand for a service. Adaptability is one of the greatest assets an entrepreneur can have!

At the end of each week, you'll see a detailed list of all the costs and earnings. It includes bank loans, rental services, and projected income. Take a close look and see what you can improve! Your goal is to achieve a profit of 2000 dollars in 6 weeks. Follow the set goals at the beginning of each week, and you'll get there!

You'll learn a lot about the economy with this game. However, you'll also have a lot of fun in Opportunity City!