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Play the My Disney Star Cafe game and become a skilled chef! Take your customers' orders and prepare each dish carefully to earn a high score!

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It's time to impress your buddies with your cooking skills in the My Disney Star Cafe game! It's finally the opening day of your new restaurant. Now, your Disney friends are ready to try your food, but you must first think of a daily menu! Are you ready to start cooking and open the doors for business?

To begin your culinary adventure, you must take your customers' orders and serve them their favorite dishes! You can practice cooking all sorts of foods, such as nachos, fish, healthy bowls, and more. Just follow the instructions and act quickly! You wouldn't want to keep your friends waiting long, right?

How to Play

Don't worry if you haven't cooked a meal before! Luckily all you need for this challenge is your mouse. Drag your cursor across the screen to slice the ingredients, stir them around the pan, or even drop some toppings on top! Once the steps are complete, it's time to serve your dish.

To run a successful restaurant, you must cook delicious food and become a great chef. Can you serve the customers before time runs out and start earning coins? After each day is over, you can collect your reward and advance to the next level! Aren't you excited to see what other recipes you can learn?

Once you have enough currency, it's time to head off to the shop! You can spend it all here and improve your cooking utensils like the pans, knives, or even your mixer. As you purchase your first items, you will start to uncover even more rewards! How cool is that?

What else you should know

Remember that you're playing against the clock, so you have to act fast! The quicker you finish each task, the more stars you will earn. However, if you run out of time, you'll have to start over from the beginning! Surely you wouldn't want to disappoint your customers!

Throughout each stage, some of your favorite Disney buddies will appear. When this happens, serve them amazing food and earn a high score! If so, you will unlock a star picture of each friend that shows up. Can you uncover all seven of them and complete your collection?

It's time to open your restaurant for business! Are you ready to see who's going to be your first customer?