The Lodge: Check-In Challenge

Play The Lodge: Check-In Challenge game to learn how to keep a business on its feet. Help Skye and her friends to fulfill all the requests from the guests!

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About The Lodge: Check-In Challenge Game

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Join Skye and learn how to take good care of customers in The Lodge: Check-In Challenge game! If you love The Lodge, you will definitely want to take on the dare of becoming part of your favorite characters' universe! Do you think you have what it takes?

How well do you think you can take care of an inn, a hotel, or a lodge? How well do you think you can do that when there's the added stress of guests running around, asking you to make their drinks, clean their rooms and show them the way to the club? You will get to experience firsthand how to keep a business on its feet and build your clients' trust!

Customers from all over the world will want you to help them have a good time! Be careful not to leave them waiting for too long, and make sure that you have just as much fun as well! Put on your biggest smile and get ready to greet your first guests!

How to Play

The game doesn't require any special controls; you only need to use your mouse. You will have to drag your guests from one activity to another with a simple left-click-and-hold. Just make sure you don't drop them between the sets.

When they arrive, each guest has specific things that they will want to do. Above their character, you will see a green circular bar. That bar measures their patience level. If a guest runs out of patience, the bar will turn red, and the guest will want to leave. Try to make sure it doesn't get to that!

Pleased customers will leave a small tip after each activity, a tip that you will have to collect. In the end, they will also leave a review. The happier they are, and the better they are treated, the nicer the rating will be. Each review helps to fill in the popularity bar, so make sure to fill the bar and reach your goal to pass to the next level.

The further you get into the game, the harder it will become. Guests will lose their patience more rapidly, you will get more customers at the same time, and they will want to do more and more things. So try to stay focused at all times and take care of all of your guests!

What else you should know

Each time you level up, you can use the money earned from tips to upgrade some of your services. This will help you deal better and quicker with your guests' requests.

If you need a break from running around the lodge, you can also play some mini-games between the levels. The mini-games have it all, from roller-skating around the building to taking care of the VIP guests! 

Will you be able to develop your business, satisfy everyone's requests in time, and build up the trust of your guests? There is only one way to find that out!