Kayla's Downhill Escape

Head down Tyson Peak with the Cloud 9: Kayla’s Downhill Escape game! Can you help our heroine escape the avalanche and gather coins to upgrade her gear?

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About Kayla's Downhill Escape Game

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Try the Cloud 9: Kayla's Downhill Escape game if you are a fan of winter sports! Can you believe that you can play the role of Kayla Morgan, one of the most talented snowboarders in the world? Be by her side as she goes on a wild ride down Tyson Peaks! Careful, as an avalanche is behind her!

Become a part of a thrilling race featuring mind-numbing speed and dangerous obstacles! You'll have the chance to ride down the slope multiple times, collecting tokens along the way. Can you get Kayla back to safety? If you succeed, you'll be able to improve your equipment and perform even better next time. Give this fun winter sport challenge a try!

How to Play

Do you have your snowboard ready? Don't worry, as all you will need to play this thrilling game is a keyboard! Kayla will move down the slope automatically. Your job is to help her jump at the right moment by pressing the X key. No matter what vehicle you choose for your heroine, the controls remain the same. Isn't this easy as pie?

Are you ready to perform some tricks? To earn extra points and impress the audience, you can take advantage of all the ramps and bars that come your way. Just press the C key! Kayla will try one of her famous tricks to score points. Can you believe that you can even unlock new moves, depending on the vehicle you play? They are quite fun, with names such as the Sushi or the Jimmyjams.  Read on to find out how to access them!

Beware of rock and other obstacles! Make sure you jump over them at the right moment. Otherwise, they will slow you down. If you mess up too many times, the avalanche will catch up with our brave snowboarder, and your run will be over. Yikes!

There's more you should know!

At the end of each run, you'll receive coins based on how many points you managed to score. The more tricks Kayla does and the more tokens she collects, the more money you'll receive at the end of the level. Keep practicing, then visit the shop to improve Kayla's equipment!

Welcome to the shop! Here, you can get better equipment, new tricks, and other means of transportation. Speaking of different kinds of snow vehicles, you have the chance to buy new ones at any point in the game! Kayla starts this challenge with a simple sled, but she has four exciting options at her disposal. Besides, each vehicle features new tricks. How cool!

Discover them all by doing as many successful runs as possible! You can even switch between them during a run by passing under billboards featuring the desired vehicle. Isn't this fun?

Join Kayla for a thrilling and snowy ride! No matter the season, you'll be able to enjoy the adrenaline rush of winter sports with a true professional. Don't miss out on the fun with Kayla!