Donald Duck in Treasure Frenzy

Explore the underwater depths in the Donald Duck in Treasure Frenzy game! Reach the bottom of the ocean, collect the treasure, and avoid the sea creatures!

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About Donald Duck in Treasure Frenzy Game

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Summertime is here! The Disney characters are chilling at the beach, and you get to join them in the Donald Duck in Treasure Frenzy game! Are you a good swimmer? If so, go on an adventure and try deep-sea diving along with your buddy Donald!

It's time to start exploring! Your job here is to help your Disney friend make it to the bottom of the water safely. Whether it's a pool, lake, or ocean, you have to keep diving while avoiding the dangerous sea creatures. Collect as many coins as you can, look for the key, and open the hidden chest!

How to Play

Are you ready to go underwater? To swim around, you have to press the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Tap on the Left and Right Arrows to guide Donald in each direction, or jump over the sea creatures by pressing Up. If you get into a fight, you must repeatedly press any arrow key to escape the brawl!

Now is your chance to try diving! Donald Duck has to explore the Plunge Pool, Marina del Monies, and the Iceberg Ocean. Make it to the end of each stage, open the golden treasure chest, and you will unlock the next challenge! If you run out of oxygen on your way down, you will return to the surface and have to retry the mission.

It's important to keep an eye on the meter to the right side of the screen! This will show you where the key is, so you should do your best not to miss it. Without this item, you will not be able to move on to the next stage. To collect it, you have to position yourself on the platform, jump up, and land on the rock.

What else you should know

As you keep going down, try to collect as many coins as possible. These will help you improve your diving gear so that you can get more air. Buy better suits when you have enough currency, and you will be able to dive deeper and finish the harder levels! Without these upgrades, the stages can be quite difficult to complete!

You have to avoid the sea creatures at all costs! Sharks, eels, and blowfish can all hurt you, so it's best to stay away. If you run into them, your oxygen level will go down even faster. When it gets too low, you will enter Frenzy Mode and become invincible until you reach the surface! 

Are you a skilled swimmer? If so, join Donald Duck and help him dive down to the depths of the ocean! Your friend needs your help to collect the hidden treasure!