Zhu Zhu Pets: Costume Couture

Put your fashion skills to the test in Zhu Zhu Pets: Costume Couture Game! Do you think you can be the best fashion designer in the Zhu-niverse?

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Have you always had a sense of style? Chunk is here to help you style your hamster friends in Zhu Zhu Pets: Costume Couture Game!

It is your moment to shine! Be the best fashion designer in The World of Zhu as you help your little friends dress trendy! Everyone knows you have lots of talent, but that is not all you need! Remember to be very swift and organized!

How to Play

All you need to do is click! Pretty straightforward, right? Your little friends in need will come to you one by one. Click on them, using your mouse, to reveal what they would like to wear.

Once you have an idea about their style, you need to search for each item they desire! Every hamster will want three of the following items: a pair of glasses, a hat, some shoes, or a belt to match their style!

To navigate the boutique, click on the designated stand to see what is in stock. Each one has three options for you to choose from. RIGHT click to select the clothing item you need!

You can carry up to 4 clothing items, so pay attention to what you pick up! But don't worry, even if you got the wrong items, you may throw them by just clicking on the bin.

Don't get too excited yet because you have to be concentrated and fast to get a high score. Each hamster you style will help you achieve a higher score and number of stars!

What else you should know

To be fast and use your time wiser, here is a tip! Before going on a "fashion hunt" in the showroom, click on all the hamsters! In this way, you can dress more hamsters at the same time.

Sometimes, your friends can't make up their minds and need your help to decide. When that happens, you have to show them all the options! Pick all three options and click on the unsure hamster so he can choose.

Congratulations! You know now everything you need to become the most appreciated fashion designer in the Zhu-niverse. Get ready to dress up your little friends! We trust your sense of style, do you?