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Be the best spy in the world and help K.C. and J.U.D.Y in the K.C. Undercover- Spy Ops Game. Scope through mission locations to find all the listed objects!

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Are you willing to learn how to be an extremely skilled and cautious spy? Do you consider yourself a potentially good detective that could find hidden objects in the most remote places? Train yourself and see how good you actually are in the K.C. Undercover – Spy Ops Game!

K.C and J.U.D.Y have been asked to do some research and to scope out for mission locations before the family goes on another challenging spying mission. Help K.C identify important targets that might be needed in such a thrilling adventure, such as cameras, devices, suspects, bags and anything rather helpful. There are five locations that you are going to investigate: Hamilton High, Dulles International Airport, Regina Honey's Mansion, Benimama's Japanese Restaurant, and the National History Museum. At the beginning of every level, a list of targets that you will have to find is going to be presented to you. Search every corner of the place and find all the listed objects and persons before the time runs out.

How to play

Click or tap on the target whenever you see it in the scene in order to catch it. To look around, all you need to do is click on anything and just drag towards the direction that you want your perspective to go. Use the double-click to zoom in and get a closer look to the field. If you are having trouble finding the targets, do not worry. You can use J.U.D.Y's Spy Vision. Like this, as you get closer to the target, the perspective would focus on that specific object or person, and the circle of the J.U.D.Y's Spy Vision will get smaller. Be careful, though. Every time you use the J.U.D.Y's Spy Vision, you will lose some of your points. You might also have to wait a short amount of time in order for the J.U.D.Y's Spy Vision to be charged again.

Get all the targets that are needed, but do not forget to get some extra bonus objects that will increase your points and give you new skills. The characters will explicitly ask you for the particular objects only when they are needed. In the more difficult levels, you will get some additional targets after you found the initial ones, so keep an eye on the location that you find yourself in.

Does this sound intriguing? K.C. can assure you that this game is the training that you need in order for you to become the best spy ever. So what are you waiting for?