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Enemy spies have stolen K.C's classified information in the Robo Recon Game. Help K.C rescue the hostages and recuperate the missing objects! Have fun!

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Did someone say "A new challenging mission"? You heard that correctly! K.C needs to enter into action again because a strong team of enemy spies has entered the headquarters and taken some valuable and classified information along with the new J.U.D.Y prototypes. K.C's mission is to get every stolen thing back in the Robo Recon Game, before they are used for evil purposes.

There are four stages of this adventure: the Infiltration Mission, the Stealth Mission, the Rescue Mission, and the Escape Mission, each one with three levels. Complete each and every one of them, take the stolen objects back and make K.C's parents incredibly proud!

How to Play

Enter the enemy spies' base and search everywhere for your missing belongings. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move or slide on the screen to help K.C get to the destination indicated by her brother. If you need to jump to get to another floor, just tap on it, and K.C will follow the instructions.

Find the spying glasses that will help you search for other hidden objects that will help you and your brother in your quest. Find the E-key, the laser, fix the J.U.D.Y prototypes, and complete all the other tasks that the brother gives to K.C.

Be careful, though. Your path is not clear. You have to pay attention not to get caught by the spies' robots that patrol the hallways. If they see you, they will follow you until they trap you in the pink bubble that will ultimately decrease your energy. That will force you to restart the game, and it will slow you radically. Run from their sight to replenish your energy and continue your mission until the end of the level

Some of the objects that you collect will be of tremendous help because they will ease K.C's searching process, deactivate the robots, activate J.U.D.Y, and so on. So do not miss any of them. If the robots catch you, do not give up! You will be able to continue everything where you left of.

Be the greatest spy and save the world from the evil enemies that have stolen K.C's belongings. We know you can do it!