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Play the Descendants 3: Stories game to decide your storyline! Mal and the knights are all working hard to protect Auradon, so why not help them out?

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What do you think of the new Descendants movie? If you have not seen it yet, you can get familiar with it by playing the Descendants 3: Stories game! It follows the storyline of the film, with little changes that only you can make. Help Mal and her friends restore the peace between Auradon and the Isle before it is too late.

The Villain Kids are preparing to welcome more children with potential from the Isle of the Lost. Numerous conflicts will rise, some will turn their back on the knights, and enemies will show their good side. Make the right decisions for a happy ending!

Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life?

The game includes 14 sperate but connected stories, which you have to play in chronological order. To better understand the plot, the prologue will tell you everything you need to know. Characters will talk through chats, which you can skip by clicking the right side of the screen. But if you feel like you missed important information, click on the opposite side.

The scenario is predetermined, but it does allow you to change it slightly! Every now and then, you will have the chance to choose some of the characters’ actions or replies. Never forget to maintain an optimistic attitude and lift everyone’s mood! 

Each story has small, additional quests, so they change the linear course of the game. They are quite easy to finish, and you can redo them if you messed up. But if they get too complicated, you can skip them without worry! Their success or failure does not affect your progress in any way.

Can you turn the villains into good people?

This is precisely what Mal, Ben, Carlos, Evie, and everyone in Auradon wishes to accomplish. In the first two stories, the teens are preparing to welcome kids from the Isle. All of them are nervous, but excited, yet are sensing something terrible could happen. ‘’Who Wants to Go to Auradon?’’ finally reveals who is interested in escaping and becoming a knight.

Once school is out, everyone is saying their goodbyes to the graduating students. A major event is a reason for both happiness and madness – Prince Ben just proposed to Mal! Their friends are happy for sure, but Audrey feels enraged. Her jealousy is the beginning of something much worse.

Uma is no longer the greatest threat to the empire. Audrey has unleashed her inner villain and plans to get revenge on every last person who did her wrong. Fortunately, the Isle of the Lost and Auradon join forces and manage to beat her.

At last, both sides call it a truce, the King breaks the barrier, and allows everyone to cooperate and live a proper life together. From enemies to friends with a similar background, follow the blossoming relationship between Mal, daughter of Maleficent, and Uma, Ursula’s descendant!

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