Let it Shine DJ Dash

Try the Let it Shine: DJ Dash game to enter Atlanta's famous youth club, Off the Street. Help Cyrus serve customers and to assist his pals, Kris and Roxie!

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About Let it Shine DJ Dash Game

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Have you ever wanted to take a peak behind the door of the most popular youth club in Atlanta? If so, you're in luck because in the Let it Shine: DJ Dash game, you will help Cyrus work at the famous Off the Street! However, he has many tasks to complete. Will you be the right person for the job?

Your job is to please every customer that enters the club. But this will not mean only to fulfill their orders. You also should take care of their entertainment! Luckily, Cyrus's friend, Kris, is here for some rap battles. You only have to make sure he crushes his competition and impresses his crush, Roxie!

How to Play

To complete the orders coming from the customers, you only need to use your mouse. Hit your Left Click to drag the client to their seats, bring their food and drinks, and invite them onto the dance floor. When it's time for Kris' rap battle, you can use the Arrow Keys. Try to wait for the incoming glowing signs matching your keys and hit the correct one when it reaches the center of the DJ booth.

The first step in your journey is to keep the customers happy. You will have to take care of various tasks, such as:

 - Take them to their table.

 - Bring their orders.

 - Guide them to the dancefloor.

 - Pair them with others.

Each customer has three hearts showing how pleased they are with your service. If you make them wait, they will become more impatient by the second, and if their meters run out, they will leave the club.

The second part of your challenge is to help Kris with his rap battle. At that point, Cyrus will go behind the DJ booth, and your job is to hit all the incoming arrows as best as possible.

However, to win, you will have to clear three stages. With every successful strike, your points meter will increase. You will have to fill it all the way to get the crowd on your side and beat Kris' opponent.

There is more you should know!

The levels of this game will be every night spent at the club, and those will surely be many. Also, you will have to hit a goal score by completing all the challenges you have that night.

Don't worry, though! You might encounter some helpful tools or people. For example, you can easily recognize Roxie because she will have three empty stars instead of hearts like the other customers. If you keep her happy, those stars will quickly fill up, and you will get some bonus points!

Besides Roxie, you can find some music discs around the club. Then, you can take those to the DJ booth to change the music and boost the customers' mood.

Lastly, as you advance, stations around the club will upgrade. For example, a better waiting line will make customers more patient, or an improved food truck will get you more types of food and quick preparation time. There are loads of helpful tools, so try to unlock them all!

Are you ready to enter the Off the Street club and see if you can keep all customers happy and help Kris with his rap battles? The night is here, and it's time to open the local's doors, so let's get the fun started!