Kikiwaka Shuffle

In the Kikiwaka Shuffle game, it's the first day for all the lucky campers. Be a good organizer, help everyone settle in, and take them to their cabins!

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About Kikiwaka Shuffle Game

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It’s the very first day of camp! Teens all over the world have gathered to have fun and learn new things in the Kikiwaka Shuffle game. As an organizer, you are supposed to help every newbie find his or her place. But you can’t just randomly group everyone!

Assign the children that have at least one thing in common, so they can talk about it and not feel like the odd one out. In the game, you will have quite a few criteria to respect, so pay attention to it when making the selection. Carefully examine the campers before making a decision!

Make sure everyone is designated accordingly!

A group of campers will be lined in front of you. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to make them go the said direction, depending on different categories. The teens can be separated based on gender, their team (red or blue), age (junior or senior), role (camper or counselor in training), and hobby (music or sports).

The main objective is to make as many matches as possible in a row. But when you do make a mistake, Gladys, the owner of the camp, will blow her whistle and signal the end of the game.

Each level requires selection based on one motive and only gives you a few seconds to decide. If not, the campers will move on their own in the wrong direction.

Every now and then, you will see a child dressed in a bear fur. He can be your key to the Shuffle mode! When he comes first in line, press the Up key, get ready, then hit the Down arrow as quickly as you can. This is going to automatically sort as many campers as you managed to use the Down button. But if you move this teen as usual, then you lose the chance to try this mode.

Complete the Achievements list!

Even though it is entirely optional, you can turn it into a competition with yourself. The tasks vary from simple things, such as completing five levels, to matching 100 counselors in training. Try as hard as you can and unlock them all!

Place everyone in the right area and make sure all the campers are having a great time!