Disney Word Hunt

Join the heroes of Zombies 3, Amphibia, and other shows in the Disney: Word Hunt game to solve puzzles. Find every listed word, and clear the daily tasks!

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About Disney Word Hunt Game

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Do you enjoy testing your mind with fun word puzzles? If so, the Disney: Word Hunt game is the best place for you! Also, the stars of Zombies 3, Secrets Of Sulphur Springs, Big City Greens, and Amphibia are here to join you in your journey. Will you find every word and solve all puzzles?

You only need to choose one of the four shows to start! Depending on your pick, you will have to find all the words related to that Disney series. Sounds easy, right? Well, you will need peak attention to detail if you want to finish every challenge with ease, so focus up!

How to Play

Luckily, forming the words is pretty easy! You only need to click and drag your mouse from the first letter to the last. Also, you can discover the answers in any direction. Others can intersect, so sometimes the answer might be where you already looked!

Your job is to go through every level of each show! There are loads of stages to complete, and if you do everything, you might even get an achievement. However, you're in luck! You can hit the hint button to get some help if you're stuck. These are regenerated if you find a word that's not on the list!

Lastly, you should always come back for your daily challenge! These will always have a harder difficulty, but with a bit of patience, there is nothing you can't achieve! For how many days will you complete the daily challenges?

Are you ready to join the stars of Zombies 3, Secrets Of Sulphur Springs, and the other shows and see if you can solve every puzzle? Everyone can't wait to meet you and see how you'll manage. It's time to gear up with loads of attention and problem-solving skills and start the word hunt!