Cosmic Chaos

Help Gabby babysit the alien kids in the Gabby Duran & The Unsittables: Cosmic Chaos game! Complete your chores and keep the babies happy to save the day!

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If you've ever babysat a young child, you know it's not an easy task! Now Gabby needs your help to handle the wacky aliens, so lend her a hand in the Gabby Duran & The Unsittables: Cosmic Chaos game! What does it take to keep a bunch of extraterrestrial kids entertained? Well, it's time to find out!

The girl's life is always unusual, and today's mission is no exception. Your task is to show off what a good babysitter you are by completing every task successfully. The scenarios include bath time, recreation, cooking, or putting the kids to sleep. Will you be able to show Principal Swift that you are always prepared?

How to Play

It's time to join Gabby for a day in her life! The kids can be real troublemakers, but luckily you can solve every issue with a click of your mouse. Tap on the items to drag and drop them towards the right place, and finish all your chores! That doesn't seem so difficult so far, right?

This mission requires great attention to detail and time management! You have to read the instructions carefully because each mini-game will be different than the previous one. Babysitting is all about doing chores, so you have to complete them quickly and flawlessly. This way, you can help Gabby earn an A for her work!

For the first challenge, you will have to prepare food for the hungry aliens, whether it's by boiling or microwaving it. Grab your ingredients, take out the plates, and feed the kids before time runs out! Don't let the kitchen become too messy, or the little troublemakers might get impatient! 

Of course, Principal Swift has prepared a vast collection of chores for Gabby, so you will surely be entertained for a long time! You will also have to overcome other trials, such as Bud-Day Dash, Alien Recreation Time, Nacho Average Tacos, Activate Sleep Mode, or Sleepover Party. Will you be able to complete them all?

What else you should know

For each scenario you begin, there will be 20 levels to unlock. Complete your babysitting activities on time and keep the kids happy, and you will soon reach the next stage. Just remember not to let the aliens' fun bars deplete, or you might have to retry your missions!

After each stage, you can spin the wheel for a random bonus challenge. If you do well, you can earn extra points, which will help you reach the next alien gadget update. The missions can include all kinds of chores, from bathing the children to feeding the Vibra-bird or cleaning the house. That's why you must always be prepared for what will follow! 

Well, it's time to get to work! Join Gabby Duran and babysit the wacky extraterrestrial kids together. Complete all the chores, and make your friend proud!