Journey to Oz

Try the Journey to Oz game to help Oscar Diggs and Finley reach Emerald City! Can you keep everyone safe by dodging the obstacles and magical creatures?

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About Journey to Oz Game

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Help Oscar Diggs complete his quest to get to the Emerald City in the Journey to Oz game! However, the realm is full of dangers that will try to slow you down. Are you ready to enter the hot air balloon and start this magical journey?

Your job is to get through all the obstacles, dodge the vicious creatures, and get Oz to his destination. Also, Finley, the cute monkey, will need some help from time to time. Will you be able to put up with this adventure?

How to Play

Firstly, let's start with the controls. To keep everything afloat, you only need your mouse! If the air balloon or character start's to go down, press the Left Click to get him back on track. Also, keep clicking it to ascend or let it go to descend and dodge the incoming obstacles and creatures.

Your job is to go through every level and reach the land of Emerald City. Your journey is split into three stages that have a few levels each:

- The first stage is to drive the air balloon through all the obstacles using the hot air balloon!

- The second one is to help Finley in his tasks and try not to get hit by the evil creatures.

- The last stage is to help Oz fly through the Quadling Country in one of Glinda's bubbles.

Also, you will encounter bosses you will have to defeat by hitting them with fireworks. Be careful and try to clear out every stage to complete the adventure!

You need to pay attention to health points! There are only three for every level. If they run out, it's game over! You can lose them by running through an obstacle, getting hit by the creatures and the witch's attacks, so you better avoid everything.

There is more you should know!

You can find some help along your way to get you through every challenge! Pick up the power-ups to receive a magnetic field that attracts coins, becomes invincible, or regenerates a health point. Also, try to pick up many coins and complete all the achievements on your way.

Lastly, try and have a flawless adventure. By gathering every resource and dodging each obstacle and foe, your performance can be awarded three stars at the end of your run. Will you be able to get this rating for every level?

Now you should be ready to start your journey to Emerald City! Let's get you into the hot air balloon and begin your first adventure. Oscar Diggs, Finley, and the rest look forward to meeting you!