Race Against Time

Try the Secrets of Sulphur Springs: Race Against Time game to help Wyatt and Zoey solve another mystery at the Tremont! Can you discover all the clues?

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The Secrets of Sulphur Springs: Race Against Time game is hands down the most mysterious game you have ever played! Come and try it if you think you can solve the mystery in time. Can you help Wyatt and Zoey find out what Harper and Griffin are up to at the Tremont?

You are the detective and the mind of the plan. Your skills are crucial in finding the clues that will reveal the truth! Also, your role is to help the team assemble the clues and make sense of them. We warn you that it is not as simple as it seems!

How to Play

You should remember one thing: use your mouse to Left Click and drag. Along the adventure, different tasks will require you to use your mouse swiftly and accurately. So try to get ready ahead of time and prepare for what's to come! Now that you know the controls is time to embark on the mysterious and nerve-racking journey that awaits you!

To unravel the mystery, you will complete all the case files:

 - Only Time Will Tell;

 - No Time to Waste;

 - Time Out;

 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time;

 - It's About Time;

 - Crunch Time;

 - Check-Out Time;

 - Time is Not On Our Side.

You need to get through all eight levels to solve the mystery! Remember that the game is intricate and takes time, so clear your schedule and prepare your endurance. At the end of each case, you will get a key that unlocks the next level! 

You will need to go through a few steps to solve a case file! First of all, to elucidate the puzzle, you will be given three torn-up photographs that you have to reassemble. After finishing this step, your friends will give you some clues to identify throughout the clue board.

Once you have identified them, it's a piece of cake: find the similarities between the photos! If you need a hint, scrub the mud off the sticky notes with your mouse.

There's more you should know!

Remember that the game has its name for a good reason: time is crucial. There will surely be moments when you run out of it or get stuck, so keep an eye on the timer at the top of the screen.

Another thing you should know is that if you click repeatedly, you will lose two seconds. Lastly, a perfect time is also the key to getting to the top of the leaderboard so try to be quick.

After all these helpful insights, we are sure that not only will you solve the mystery, but you will do it in record time! So go ahead and figure out what's going on!