Yellow Brick Road Adventure

Head off to a magical land in the Oz: The Great and Powerful - Yellow Brick Road Adventure game! Join Oz, Glinda, and China Girl and solve all the quests!

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About Yellow Brick Road Adventure Game

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Are you ready to join Oz, Glinda, and China Girl on their newest quest in the Oz: The Great and Powerful - Yellow Brick Road Adventure game? The trio has to face the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, but they must take down the enemies first. To do that, they need to figure out a strategy before it's too late! Can you help your friends with their mission?

To complete this challenge, you will have to join each of the three characters on an adventure. Travel together and keep the people from the Land of Oz safe as you encounter all kinds of mythical creatures. It's wise to think of a good strategy, or you might end up outnumbered by the evil monsters! Will you be able to save the day?

How to Play

It's time to step into a magical land! To solve these unique challenges, you will have to use your mouse. Click and move your cursor through the Looky-loos and tap on the baboons to defeat all the enemies. When it's time for the puzzle, you can simply drag and drop the pieces where you want to place them.

Oz, Glinda, and China Girl have three quests to solve as they travel through the land. However, each mission has multiple difficulties, which you can unlock by successfully completing the previous one. Therefore, to solve all your friends' challenges, you need to replay them until you have discovered every version. You surely won't have time to get bored!

While Oz has to fend off the waves of Looky-loos, Glinda must use her powers to protect her allies. One thing is clear: all the pesky creatures must be gone! Think of a strategy, take them down as quickly as possible, and don't waste any time. Some of the critters will even take multiple shots to be defeated, so perseverance is crucial here!

Are you ready to tackle China Girl's puzzle? This is no ordinary challenge because the mission has two parts. Choose your stones carefully, place them down until the board is filled, and try not to run out of time! All the empty spaces on the grid must be covered to unlock the second stage, so do your best to think of a perfect strategy! 

What else you should know

Throughout each challenge, there are special moves you can use to make your work easier! As Oz, you should aim to slice multiple plants at once, and you will earn extra time. While helping Glinda, you can collect green gems and refill the castle's health or pink ones to make your bubbles stronger. Finally, as China Girl, you can use the wand and hammer to complete the puzzle faster! 

Your strategy is crucial during these missions because it will help you earn a high score. As Oz and Glinda, it's important to aim for combos to win bonus points. For the puzzle, you must discard as few pieces as possible, or your performance will decrease. It's best to be careful because the more mistakes you make, the lower your score will be at the end!

Well, are you feeling prepared yet? Join your friends from the Land of Oz and face all the challenges together! Oz, Glinda, and China Girl are counting on you to defeat the mythical creatures, so what are you waiting for?