Zootopia Dash

Try the Zootopia Dash to join Judy, Nick, and Yax for a treasure hunt in the Targoat store! Will you find the objects on the list and achieve a high score?

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About Zootopia Dash Game

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Partake in an exciting treasure hunt alongside Judy, Nick, and Yax in the Zootopia Dash game! Do you think you can find all the hidden objects? You should not take this task lightly! The store is big, so you have a large area to cover. Let's get the search started fast!

Your job is to help the three friends to look around the store and find every object on their list! Some may be harder to find than others, so pay attention. How quickly do you think you'll find everything? 

How to Play

Firstly, you should learn how to go around the store! You can use your mouse or the arrow keys to move in any direction, whatever fits you the best! Also, when you find an object, you only have to use your Left Click to collect it. Pretty easy, right? With a bit of attention, you will find everything in no time!

Now each character has a list of objects they need to find, and you need to help everyone and complete your final list! For example, Judy can jump over obstacles, so she might be better at finding objects placed in the tundra section. At the same time, Yax can reach high places and get the items on top of the shelves. Also, Nick is fast and can go past puddles of water and mud. Use everyone's talent to maximize your findings!

After a character has completed their list, hurry to the exit! Do this until each has ended their hunt and reached the finish line. Also, keep in mind that you will not have a time limit, but it will be a timer for your performance! You will be awarded up to three stars depending on how long you take to complete the challenge. 

There is more you should know!

If you're having problems, look for the floating arrow that indicates the object's position. This will only appear when you take too much time to find something, and it's a big help. The only thing you have to do is to follow it until you find the item. Pretty cool, right?

Also, after gathering a few items in a row, you will get a task to find a special one! This challenge will have a timer, and the object will disappear if the time runs out. If you manage to find it, the time will freeze for a while and give you a slight advantage, so you should always try to find them!

Are you ready for the treasure hunt? Judy, Yax, and Nick surely are! Let's meet up with them and start the search around the store to see your results.