Elena's Magic Kingdom

The Princess of Avalor has prepared some puzzles for you in Elena's Magic Kingdom game! Solve all the trials and help her reunite with her friends!

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About Elena's Magic Kingdom Game

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The Princess of Avalor is ready to welcome you into her land in Elena's Magic Kingdom game! The girl has to solve some puzzles so she can be reunited with her friends. However, the challenges can be quite tricky, and she needs your help! Can you complete all the levels and unlock her missing companions one by one?

This is a fun arcade game that will put your mind to the test! To obtain all 4 pieces of each puzzle and have a character join the group, you must complete four different missions. Play a round of hiding and seek, find the differences in a pair of pictures, arrange your friends in order, or reorganize pieces of the road in a jigsaw challenge. Once you overcome all these tasks, Elena's buddies will return one by one!

How to Play

Are you skilled at solving puzzles? For today's mission, you will only need to use your mouse. Simply tap on the screen to aim for your targets, and if you are correct, you will earn some gold stars! Sounds easy so far, right?

Elena and her buddies have prepared a set of four challenges you must win. For the first one, you have to find the missing person. The Princess, Naomi, Isabel, Mateo, and Gabe are all hiding in the halls. Catch them when they pop out their heads, and when you find the whole group, you can move on to the next trial!

The second mission will have the characters say their name in a sequence, and you must repeat it correctly three times. Once you overcome this stage, you will move on to another challenge that will test your mind. Just look at the two pictures, find the three differences between them, and you'll be one step closer to bringing the group together.

For the last challenge, you have to untangle the road so your friends can be reunited! The pieces are like a puzzle, and you must rotate all of them until they connect. Have you finished all four trials? If so, it's not yet time to rejoice because you must repeat the missions five times until Elena's buddies are back together!

Well, what are you waiting for? The Princess of Avalor has prepared a challenge that will challenge your attention skills! Give it a try and bring Elena, Naomi, and the rest of the group together!