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About Chase or be Chased Game

  • Game Type
  • Requirements
    NuMuKi Browser
  • Supported Devices
  • Game Resolution
    750 x 500
  • Published Date
  • Played
    6856 times
  • Voted
    160 times
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Find out if you can outrun Jessie in the Chase or be Chased game! You play everybody's favorite pet lizard, the cute, yet cunning Mr. Kipling. Everybody knows that this seven-foot Water Monitor Lizard has a particular passion for human food, especially grapes! Usually, Jessie is extra cautious when she comes home from shopping. However, today this lucky lizard has managed to run away with all of the family's groceries! Join him on a thrilling chase throughout the Fairfield, as he tries to escape the grip of the best nanny in New York!

The aim of each level is to navigate the many floors, doors, storage rooms, corridors and elevators of the Fairfield hotel. You need to reach the end of the stage, represented by a big door labeled 'Goal' before the time runs out. Keep a careful eye on the timer at the top part of the screen!

However, things are not as easy as it seems! Keep in mind that the only thing that Mr. Kipling loves more than stealing food is knocking objects over. You cannot complete the level until you manage to tumble over every object! You can check on how many you still have left by glancing at the number in the bottom right part of the screen. 

The gameplay is straightforward to learn and get used to. You can navigate Ravi's majestic pet by using the left and right arrows on the keyboard. To navigate elevators and staircases, use the up and down arrows. Remember that certain elevators and doors will sometimes only go up or down. Make sure that you will reach your desired destination by checking the red arrows on each entry. A moment of carelessness can bring you right in front of your enemy!

Being a lizard is not as easy as it seems!

Don't forget that this game is actually a thrilling chase! Jessie will come looking for you and be on your tracks. Make sure she doesn't find you by taking cover in storage rooms or going to a different floor! Be warned, the hotel is quite intricate, featuring 19 different levels. You can check on where you are by glancing at the top part of the screen.

You can earn more points or even get more time by collecting all the extras on your way. Another quite essential element is the green compass, which points towards objects that you haven't toppled yet! Make sure you explore every corner and collect every extra for a high score!

Can you outrun the most skilled nanny in Manhattan? It is only up to whether Mr. Kipling gets to enjoy his stolen goodies or not. Surely, you will use all your speed, agility and skill to make sure that he savors his grapes safely! You will find yourself glued to the keyboard in this exciting adventure game!

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