Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments

Learn all about alchemy in Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments game! Collect the ingredients for pixie dust and let the dust-keeper fairy teach you her recipes!

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About Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments Game

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Have you always been curious about scientific experiments? If so, why not give Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments game a try and become a fairy's assistant for the day? It's time to head off to the Pixie Hollow and help the cute alchemist with her work! You will surely have lots of fun learning her tricks!

Zarina is a dust-keeper fairy, and you get to practice her craft together! Your job is to create all different kinds of pixie dust. Pay attention to the recipe, then select the materials carefully. Just make sure not to let other ingredients fall into your bowl, and your skills will improve in no time!

How to Play

The magic behind pixie dust is complicated, and it requires talent and a steady hand! Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse to drag the bowl to the left and right. Slide it across the screen, and do your best to collect all the specified ingredients. After that, you simply need to complete your recipe! 

At the start of each level, Zarina will show you a recipe. Pay attention to the list, then pick up the objects as they fall into your bowl! Just remember to pay attention to the correct order, or your pixie dust might fail.

You only have three lives, so it's important to stay focused on the screen! Each time you miss a necessary ingredient or collect the wrong one, you will lose a chance. You are also playing against the clock, so you have to be fast as the wind! After all, you wouldn't want to restart your mission from the beginning, right?

Once you have successfully created each dust, it's time to prove your skills! Zarina is a great teacher, so she wants to test your dust-keeper talents. Every recipe also has an advanced form, but it requires even more ingredients than the first time. Just pay attention and keep a steady hand, and your creations will be complete! 

Are you ready to learn all about alchemy? If so, it's time to take lessons from the dust-keeper fairy and impress Zarina with your skills!