Isle of the Lost Rush

Run at high speed and avoid obstacles in Isle of the Rush Game! Complete the tasks in each level and don't forget to collect the coins! Have fun!

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About Isle of the Lost Rush Game

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If you ever felt like running away, then you will adore this game. This isle is a big place and dangerous at the same time for an inexperienced runner. Practice running away by playing Isle of the Lost Rush Game along with one of the main characters from your favorite show! Yes, you guessed right, The Descendants.

These small villains are again looking to cause some trouble around their hometown and want to race around at high speeds. But this is no simple chase! They have to do all sorts of tricks and moves in order to accomplish every task.

How to Play

Start out by learning how to control the character that you have chosen. Use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to make your selected character jump or slide. Spice things up a little bit and long press the up arrow to flip. Cool, eh?

You will start the game by playing as Mal. Once you have mastered the controls and played enough to get to higher levels, you will unlock other characters such as Jay at level four, Evie at seven and Carlos at ten.

The main idea of the game is to run as far as you can without falling or hitting any obstacles. Once you get stuck onto one of these the game will end, and you will have to start running from the beginning. Be careful though, this is still the place where every villain that walked on earth found his home, and they like to make it almost impossible to live. But hey, are you not the child of one of the most feared bad guys? Well yes, you are. Show the world your skills and accept the challenge!

To pass a level, you have to check all the tasks that you are required to do. Those can be things like crashing once or running over a specific distance. Once all of them completed, you will automatically get further to the next level and receive new assignments. Play as much as possible until you pass through all of them. Do not get discouraged when things get more difficult and press replay until you succeed.

Use the coins to buy useful upgrades

While you race, collect the coins that float in the air. They enable you to buy different power-ups and boosts that will surely animate the game even more.  At the store, you can choose to buy things like different upgrades. Such an example would be the magnet, which will make you attract all the coins that are near without you even trying. They will just magically come towards you.

Another upgrade is the flip speed, which you can use to increase the rate of the flips so you can do more. A cool thing is also the glid speed - this one is all about giving you a speed boost while drifting your way out. The last one is called smash multiplier. As the name already suggests, it increases the smash rate of your character.

The more updates you will buy, the easier it will seem to you to go in there and make your way out through all the obstacles. Now go on and get a grip on the situation!

Have lots of fun while playing over and over again without getting even slightly bored by it. Good Luck!