Piston Peak Pursuit

Fly in the sky and put out the wildfires in the Planes Fire & Rescue: Piston Peak Pursuit game! Help Dusty and Dipper save the day and stay out of danger!

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About Piston Peak Pursuit Game

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Oh no! It seems like a forest fire broke out in the Planes Fire & Rescue: Piston Peak Pursuit game! Dusty and Dipper are on duty, and they have to keep everyone safe. Can you help your friends put out the fire and save the day?

It's time to choose your favorite plane between the two, and get ready for action! Your job is to extinguish the fires before it's too late. Go up in the air, fill up with water, then drop it on all the affected areas! Just remember to stay safe and avoid obstacles, or you might get hurt!

How to Play

This is a fast-paced adventure, so you have to act as fast as possible! Simply tap on the Up arrow key to fly in the air, and let go when you want to come down. If you're ready to change directions, you can tap on the Down arrow and go anywhere you'd like. To extinguish the fire, you have to hold the Spacebar and drop the water. 

Dusty and Dipper have prepared a total of 5 stages for you to try. You have to do your best to earn three stars each time, or your buddies won't be certified for the fire crew team! To do this, you have to put out the wildfires as fast as you can! Will you be able to win the battles?

If you want to save the day as soon as possible, you have to fill your plane with water at all times. To do this, just go down towards the lake, and your tank will be loaded within seconds! Can you also help with the smokejumper? If so, you will earn unlimited fire retardant for a limited time!

Aim for a high score, and gain medals for Dusty and Dipper! To earn as many points as possible, you have to look for the gold coins and do your best to pick them up. If you don't want to waste any time, it's important to also stay out of danger! You wouldn't want obstacles to keep you from saving the day, right?

Well, it's time to head off and battle the wildfires! Choose your favorite hero and keep everyone safe! Your friends are counting on your help!