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Try Baymax's Brain Games to clear every task the Big Hero 6 team throws at you! Can you go through each challenge and improve your brain functions?

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About Baymax's Brain Games

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Join the Big Hero 6 team and put your brain functions to the test with Baymax's Brain Games! Baymax has prepared four tasks for you, and each one is the specialty of one team member. However, the challenges ahead take lots of skill to be cleared perfectly. Can you go through them all and achieve high scores?

Your role is to go through every stage of the challenges. This way, you will improve your brain functions beyond recognition. Also, you might get a reward at the end of every task, so you should focus. The challenges might seem complicated at first, but if you give it your best, you will clear them in no time!

How to Play

To complete the tasks, you only need to use your mouse! Press the Left Click to clear every challenge Baymax throws at you. Each will improve a specific function, so start with whatever you are confident in, and then work your way up!

Baymax has prepared four tasks for you in total! Each one is the specialty of Hiro Hamada, Go Go Tamago, Honey Lemon, and Fred as follows:

 - Tic Tac Trio: Improve your skill by playing a game of Tic Tac Toe alongside whatever hero you please.

 - GoGo Go: Test your speed by dragging the dot to the finish line.

 - Honey-Zap: Challenge your accuracy by zapping the infected cells before they burst.

 - Bounce: Hop over every waveform and refine your reaction.

Your role is to complete every challenge and see how many points you can get. The performance will not be timed, but you will start with a high score that will decrease fast over time, so it is best to hurry up before it reaches zero! Also, three of the four tasks have nine stages you need to complete, so it might take some time to finish each.

Are you ready to get into each task and see if you can complete them all? Everyone is curious about what score you will get at the end. Let's not waste any more time and get it started!