T.O.T.S.: Special Delivery

Try the T.O.T.S.: Special Delivery game to help Freddy and Pip care for and deliver every baby! Can you feed, bathe and get every little fellow to its home?

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Would you like to take care of cute little fluffy animals? If this sounds like you, then the T.O.T.S.: Special Delivery game it's a perfect choice! Help Freddy, the flamingo, and Pip, the penguin, take care of the babies and deliver them to their new families. You should not take this task lightly. A baby needs lots of attention and care! 

Firstly, you should pick the baby you want to take care of. Then comes the hard part! You have to feed, clean, and tuck them to sleep before they go and meet their families! Can you handle all of these responsibilities?

How to Play

Luckily, it is pretty simple to complete each task. You only need your mouse to feed, clean, or deliver the babies! Use the Left Click to pick the items and share them or to keep the flamingo in the air. With a bit of practice, it sounds like this task can become a piece of cake!

After you pick your baby, it's time to start making they have everything they need. Firstly, you can take care of the baby in the nursery! There you will have three tasks:

 - Feeding time: Pay attention to what the cubs would like to eat and share their meal before they grow impatient

 - Bath time: Clean the babies with their favorite products

 - Nap time: Prepare everyone to get to bed by giving them their favorite plushies and blankets

Your second challenge is to get the babies to their new homes! They will travel on Freddy's back until they reach the destination. You should help him fly and dodge the obstacles in his way. Also, you can get some help by using your bubble shield and easily get through everything!

At the same time, you should not forget that every challenge has five life points. If you make mistakes and lose all of them, it's game over, so you better pay attention! This can happen if you hit an obstacle, give a cub the wrong item, or let them lose their patience.

Are you ready to enter the nursery and take care of every little animal? Let's see how you manage every task and if you will be the best caretaker Freddy, the flamingo, and Pip have ever seen!