Race to Tomorrowland

The world of Race to Tomorrowland game is a fantastic place, sought by many. Play as Casey and try to reach the train on the Upper Level of the city!

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About Race to Tomorrowland Game

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Discover an adventurous place where everything is possible and where your actions have consequences in the real world. Explore the Race to Tomorrowland game and help Casey reach the farthest point of the city. Special pins allow you to travel to this futuristic universe, so make sure you collect as many as possible!

The game is based on the famous Disney movie, entitled Tomorrowland. If you are not familiar with it, you can at least check out the trailer in the provided link. Casey Newton has important business to finish in the city, so your task is to take her as far as possible.

How to Play

Throughout her journey, the teen will have to bypass various obstacles, such as fallen trees, bushes, and rocks. To avoid them, use the Left and Right arrow keys, or the Up and Down to jump and slide. Once you hit any of these in Tomorrowland, you go back to the real world. But if you do so in this universe, you lose the game.

There are various collectibles you can collect: glowing atoms, a silver-and-blue T pin, and an orange-and-blue-tinted pin. They are listed in the order of their importance: the first ones are points, with the blue ones having 10 points, and the purple ones, 20. The second type makes you indestructible for a short amount of time, and the last one teleports you in the fantasy universe.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a bar, which shows your progress. You only advance when you are in Tomorrowland, where a pin limits your time. This pin has a 13 seconds timer, which takes you back to reality when it runs out. 

Use Casey’s agility and take her to the train!

Although her primary ability in the game is running, you can help her by using a jetpack. This item is only available for the alternate dimension and regenerates when you are not using it. It can be unlocked and upgraded with points. The pins can also last for longer if you invest your results in them. 

The game consists of three levels: Wheat Field, Lower Tomorrowland, and Upper Tomorrowland. They have to be completed in order, as only Wheat Field is unlocked at first.

Each stage has three goals- to complete the level, avoid all the obstacles, and earn a certain number of points. The endless mode has no final destination, thus pushing you to run as much as you can.

By completing each goal, you can unravel additional information, such as bios, videos, images, and artwork! Even though seeing them (or not) does not affect your gameplay, you will be pleased to see all the fantastic provided footage.

Become a hero and help Casey catch the train at the farthest point of Tomorrowland!